Why pay more tax than you need to? Hard working mechanics deserve the most torque from their toil, so have a look at these common deductions for mechanics and maximise your tax return today!

Tools and development tax deductions for mechanics

  • Work related clothing is tax deductible if you need to purchase a company uniform, protective wear or if you do your own laundry.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses are classified as protective wear if used for work and are thus tax deductible.
  • Even if you are not an apprentice, you are entitled to claim any self education expenses you incur for your job.
  • Keep receipts for all the tools you buy for work. Even if you buy that last minute spanner from Snap-On!
  • Union fees, accreditations (tickets), renewals of licences and the like are tax deductible for your job.
tax deductions for mechanics

Other tax deductions for mechanics

  • Donations of $2 or more to registered charity organisations are all tax deductible.
  • Accounting fees, including getting your tax back online, are all tax deductible. In fact, if you come and see us at one of our sites, you can claim the travel involved!
  • Don't forget that private health insurance and income protection insurance are all tax deductible too.

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