Hairdressers have the opportunity to incorporate the following tips in their business or work to make the most of their income. Feel free to contact our professional team of accountants at GYTBO or visit one of our stores to find out more.

Transportation Tax Deductions for Hairdressers

  • Motor vehicle expenses are deductable if you need to travel between locations for work or if you need to pick up supplies such as hair extensions.
  • Work related travel that you pay for to hair shows, conferences and the like can also be claimed. This includes accommodation and sometimes meals.

Clothing and Tool Tax Deductions for Hairdressers

  • Work related clothing is deductable if you need to purchase a company uniform or do your own laundry.
  • Unfortunately the black trousers from GSTAR aren’t tax deductible unless your company is GSTAR itself; but don’t forget if you purchased an apron or other protective gear to keep that dye off your clothes, that is definitely claimable.
  • Tools of the trade are not to be overlooked when it's tax time! If you buy scissors, clippers or even a comb for your job, they are all tax deductible.
tax deductible items for hairdressers

Other Tax Deductions for Hairdressers

  • Union or association fees are tax deductible.
  • Courses and education (even if you're not an apprentice) you pay for to advance your self-education for your job are all tax deductible.
  • Donations to registered charities are tax deductible - it definitely pays to help others!
  • Accounting fees, such as claiming your tax back through GYTBO, are all tax deductible! You can even claim the travel required to come and see us at one of our onsite locations.
  • Remember Private Health Insurance and Income Protection are all tax deductible too.

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