It makes sense to maximise your income by minimising your tax! Below are a few common deductions child care workers should use to maximise their tax return.

Education and transportation tax deductions for child care workers

  • Transportation expenses or the running of your motor vehicle becomes tax deductible if you travel between locations or to drop off and pick up children.
  • Work related travel that you pay for, such as to and from training, can also be claimed, including accommodation and sometimes meals.
  • Courses and education you pay for and undertake because of your work are tax deductible.
  • Union and association fees are tax deductible.
tax deductions for child care workers

Other tax deductions for child care workers

  • Work related clothing is tax deductible if you need to purchase a uniform or if you do your own laundry.
  • If you ever work from home using your laptop and mobile, these and their running costs can be claimed, at least in part.
  • Donations to registered charity organisations that are $2 or more are all tax deductible.
  • Accounting fees, including getting your tax back through GYTBO, are tax deductible. In fact, you can even claim the travel incurred when you come to see us onsite!
  • Private health insurance and income protection insurance are also tax deductible.

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