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GYTBO has an online tax return calculator that estimates your return as you fill in the 5 easy forms.

Tax Calculator

You don’t have to commit to getting your tax return through GYTBO before seeing the estimated results. Simply fill in the form and see what you can expect. Should you choose to get your tax back through GYTBO, our accountants will review your details to make sure you are getting the most for your hard work - with a maximum tax refund guarantee!

The tax calculator for everyone

GYTBO is here to make it easier for all Australians to manage their tax confidently. So find out what your estimated tax return is by signing up now, there's nothing to lose!

Please note that the tax calculator provides an estimate of your tax return. If you get your online tax return through GYTBO, you can track the actual progress of your tax return at any time. Our accountants will be in touch with you if there's potential to get a better return or if there's more information needed.

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