Tax for Australian Defence Force members is commonly a misunderstood area for most tax accountants.

Tri service tax assistance with GYTBO

GYBTO has ex-ADF personnel on staff which provides you with confidence that we will help you navigate your way through all exemptions, deductions and offsets available to you. Nothing is missed or misunderstood. 

As a full time defence member, your income is taxable. There are many benefits that you are entitled to and depending on your situation and your job, these can include:

  • Medicare exemption
  • Zone or overseas forces offset
  • Uniform expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Mess subscriptions (compulsory) and related expenses
  • Phone/laptop expenses
  • Field kit and equipment
  • Expenses associated with extra regimental duties
  • Sun protection items
  • Professional association fees and levies
  • Fitness and gym expenses for special forces

GYTBO has provided support to defence members across the services and across a broad range of jobs. If you want to have confidence in claiming all of your entitlements, work with GYTBO on your tax today.


This detail is for information purposes only and images used are in no way meant to imply an endoresement by any department of the ADF.